A lush, green and manicured lawn does not happen by chance or overnight. Understanding what is necessary to have a healthy lawn that thrives throughout the year takes careful planning and timely turf maintenance. We offer a variety of services to nurture your lawn today and supply it with the necessary supplements throughout out the season to make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Spring Cleanup

Spring-cleaning does not just apply to your closets! We’ll remove leaves and major debris from your lawn and planting beds and haul it off property. Spring cleanups are completed by April 30th, weather permitting

Lawn Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance includes mowing, line trimming and clean up of planting beds and hard surfaces. Bi-monthly edging of turf on concrete is also included. In the event that weather does not permit us to work on your scheduled date, we will resume on the next suitable day and return to the normal schedule as soon as possible.

Fall Cleanup

Prepping your lawn for the winter involves more than just raking leaves and we will ensure it is ready for the long haul. Fall cleanup includes removal of leaves and major debris from turf and planting beds, trimming of perennial plants for winter, and hauling of debris off property. You can arrange a one-time fall cleanup, or we can schedule you for multiple cleanups to suit your property needs. Fall cleanups will be completed by November 30th weather permitting.


Thatch is a layer of debris, primarily consisting of grass clippings found above the soil and below the blades of grass. We will dethatch your lawn, to thin the thatch layer and remove it from your property.

Over Seeding

Over Seeding is the practice of putting more seeds on an existing lawn, either in areas that have started to go bare, or over a large expanse to improve turf grass density. Over seeding is best done during the late summer or early fall to allow the young grass to take root before temperatures drop.