Tree maintenance is important to keep your trees healthy, and we offer full forestry services. Regular pruning provides better light penetration, elevation of lower limbs to aid in the health and vigor of the surrounding lawns and landscaping, elimination of hazardous conditions created by storm damage or dead/ diseased limbs, all while making the tree more structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Our professional arborists are trained in the latest pruning and removal techniques and will recommend the best course of action to protect and enhance the quality of your property.

Tree Pruning Services Offered
Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning involves pruning the dead, diseased, and dying limbs out of the canopy of a tree. This type of pruning is extremely beneficial for the health and promotes longevity for a tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is generally done to achieve more sunlight or prevent storm damage and involves lightly pruning the interior limbs of the tree canopy. Strategic thinning allows for better wind flow through the canopy, thereby reducing chances of limb failure in a storm. Typically, we recommended thinning approximately 10-15% of the interior live growth for plant health.

Crown Elevation

Crown elevation/ raising – involves trimming the lower limbs of a tree canopy. This type of pruning is usually done to achieve visibility under the lower portions of the tree or remove extraneous branches to provide a greater clearance for people or cars.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction – not to be confused with “topping” involves lightly thinning out the top of a trees canopy. Do not mistake this for “tree topping.” Topping is NOT a recommended pruning method. A proper crown reduction will reduce the overall crown height and canopy, without altering branch integrity. This type of pruning can minimize storm damage, particularly from larger, taller trees, which can be uprooted or fall during a storm.


Shaping is typically done only on shrubs and bushes – not trees – and can be tailored to your preferences. When shaping, some greenery should remain to ensure plant health and prevent decline. Shaping is typically done with hand shears to allow for greater control.

Tree Removal

If a tree must be removed, a homeowner should rely on professional tree services that have the proper experience, equipment, and insurance. Tree removal is a specialized skill and art that professional tree climbers take years to perfect. Tree removal is typically the last resort, however there are circumstances where it is necessary. We can provide an unbiased opinion, and have the skills and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Removal may be recommended if the tree:

• Is dead or dying beyond help
• Has been deemed irreparably hazardous to life and home
• Is causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through proper pruning methods
• Is crowding and causing harm to other trees
• Is located in an area where new construction requires removal
• Has became too big for the area it was originally planted, resulting in damage to your homes foundation or driveway

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, the remaining stump is not only unsightly, but may pose a safety concern. We have the equipment to grind stump up to 8 inches below grade to allow for restoration of the landscape. Wood chips can remain on site to be used in your landscape or we can haul them away.