Spring Start Ups

During a spring start-up, we will prepare your system for the upcoming season, including turning on all water supplies, testing and adjusting zones for peak performance, inspect systems for damage, perform authorized repairs, as well as program your system to your preferences.

System Audits

We understand that water costs and conservation are a concern, and we continue to be at the forefront of the latest technologies and services available to address these needs. We offer, at no cost, a whole-system evaluation to precisely evaluate your individual water usage and inform you what can be done to make your system operate at its best. There are many exciting new products available that can save you a significant amount of money each month.

Irrigation Installations

Every property is unique and has specific irrigation requirements. We will make a visit to the site and accurately design a sprinkler system that will efficiently water your turf and landscape. By employing the latest technology, along with the most reliable, efficient products, we can ensure minimal water usage with years of reliability.

Modification & Adjustments

If your current system requires improvements due to changes in your lawn and landscape, we can modify your existing system to satisfy your needs. We can add or extend existing zones to increase coverage areas, upgrade older rotors to effectively cover more turf and landscape beds, and convert zones to cover the desired areas more efficiently.

Fall Winterization

In the fall, it is vital to protect your system against Michigan winters. Just as our spring start-up gets your system ready for the hot summer, the fall winterization will get your system ready for the cold winter months. We will safely turn off water supplies, drain plumbing, evacuate all water in the system, unplug controllers, as well as make notes of any issues that need to be addressed in the spring.